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Export-Ready Criteria


Destination British Columbia coordinates many international programs that require British Columbia tourism suppliers to meet specific criteria to be considered for participation.  These conditions are based on the input of overseas travel trade, tourism product suppliers and receptive tour operators; and have been developed in order to ensure the best possible representation of British Columbia’s tourism industry in international markets.

Required Criteria includes:

Proven Track Record & Safety:  Must be in business at least one year, have adequate insurance and current licenses and permits.

Inquiries and Reservations: Must be available year-round and provide confirmation within 24 hours.

Marketing: Must demonstrate an adequate budget and marketing plan including international travel trade. Must demonstrate adequate knowledge of roles played by receptive tour operators, tour operators/travel wholesalers and retail travel agents as well as an understanding of rack and/or retail pricing, agent commissions and wholesale net rates at each level.  Must also be able to provide media clients with images of the product or operation for promotions and editorials.

Contracting and Payments: If working with receptive tour operators, the supplier must be willing to provide contracted wholesale net rates.  As a general guideline, requirements are:

 15% off the retail price for day activities and transportation

20-30% off retail pricing for accommodations (higher discounts are common for volume production).

More information on working with Travel Trade & Media.

Further information:

Travel Trade Specialist
Ph: 250-427-4838 Ext.201