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Electric Vehicle Travel

The Kootenay Rockies region is the first in Canada to implement a
community-driven strategy to build a clean transportation network in a rural setting

through the Accelerate Kootenays initiative.

The region’s strong Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger network provides a smooth and worry-free EV touring experience and allows environmentally-conscious travellers to enjoy the wonders this region offers year-round.

In alignment with the 10-year Destination Development Strategy, Kootenay Rockies Tourism recognizes the opportunity that Electric Vehicle travel presents for advancing these specific goals:

  1. Develop strategies to adapt to climate change and to reduce the contribution of the tourism industry to greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Become a leader in inter-modal transportation and rural connectivity

We encourage our stakeholders to learn more about the opportunities that lie within the EV travel market, help promote the travel itineraries for the region and explore the funding and rebates available to install charging stations on your business premises.

The Growing Opportunity
of EV Tourism

A Community Energy Association Presentation created and presented by Jen Grebeldinger, Communications Lead, Community Energy Association.

Plugshare Website

EV users can plan their trip by using the Plugshare website and see which towns, cities, accommodation properties and service providers offer charging stations. Who are EV Drivers?

Do you already have charging facilities at your business?  Let us know!
We would like to include the information in your business listing on our consumer website 
to ensure EV Travellers are informed and can access your location easier.
Contact: Karen Cook
Manager, Stakeholder & Corporate Communications
Ph: 250-427-4838 Ext. 204


In May 2022, Natural Resources Canada announced a $1 million investment in the Community Energy Association (CEA). This supported approximately 40 EV Charging Stations across the Kootenay Rockies region. The EV Chargers were installed in public places, multi-unit residential buildings, on streets, at workplaces or at facilities for servicing light-duty vehicle fleets by October 2023. This new program builds off of the Accelerate Kootenays project as Accelerate Kootenays 2.0.

Watch for additional funding opportunities in the KRT corporate newsletters.


Funding Your Level 2 & DCFC EV Charging Stations

Accelerate Kootenays has announced a funding program that will diversify the places where EV drivers can access charging in the Kootenays.  This program is part of the Kootenay Clean Energy Transition initiative. A variety of organizations and businesses will qualify and in addition to covering 50% of install costs, the program can be stacked with other provincial incentives.  Learn More

Destination Level 2
EV Charging Infrastructure

Kootenay Rockies Tourism partnered with the Community Energy Association (CEA), Fernie office, to support the expansion of EV charging stations to support increase low carbon travel across the region.

Building on our Road Trip itineraries, this project seeks to grow the network of EV charging infrastructure through installation of charging stations at key tourism assets that are municipally, Indigenous or non-profit owned.

Strengthening the network proided an opportunity for the up-and-coming EV consumer market to tour the region and access the many signature experiences including hot springs, golf courses, Nordic clubs, visitor centres, museums and campgrounds.

This project contributed to market diversification, namely attracting an urban market from BC and the Pacific Northwest, which will support the tourism region’s COVID recovery.

KRT and CEA funded and supported the planning and installation of at least ten EV charging stations between 2021 and 2023.

Clean BC
/ Go Electric BC

Go Electric Home & Workplace Charger Rebates
Province of BC in partnership with Fortis BC & BC Hydro

For a limited time, condominiums, apartments and workplaces can apply for rebates of up to 50% (up to $4,000) per station, as well as five hours of free support services from an EV Charging Advisor

Once the limited time offer expires, rebates will continue to be available of up to 50% (up to $2,000) per station.

Clean BC Specialty-Use Vehicle Incentive & Commercial Vehicle Pilot Programs

To further support one of BC’s most impacted sectors, tourism companies, including restaurants and other hospitality businesses, are eligible for double the rebates and can access 66% of the cost of an eligible medium – or heavy-duty vehicle, such as a food delivery vehicle or shuttle bus, up to a maximum of $100,000 per vehicle.

News Release

Program website

B.C. PST rebate on select
machinery and equipment

The B.C. PST Rebate on Select Machinery and Equipment is a temporary provincial sales tax (PST) program to help corporations recover from the financial impacts of COVID-19. The rebate acts like a refund but is separate from the existing PST Refund process. Under this temporary program, corporations can apply to receive an amount equal to the PST they paid between Sept 17, 2020 and Sept 30, 2021 on qualifying machinery and equipment (electric charging stations and zero emission vehicles are eligible purchases).

Program website