Let’s Talk Parks, Canada!

On behalf of Parks Canada, we would like to  ensure that you are aware of the nationwide public consultation currently underway. For the first time ever, all Canadians are being invited to participate in the Minister’s Round Table.  This public consultation process gives Canadians a chance to voice their opinions on our nation’s system of national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas.

Let’s Talk Parks, Canada! invites you to provide meaningful input on the challenges and opportunities facing Parks Canada now and into the future. The consultations began on January 9 and will continue through to January 27, 2017.

To reach as many Canadians as possible, the Government of Canada has launched a consultation hub at LetsTalkParksCanada.ca.  Visit this site to find out how to participate and review background information on the work of Parks Canada. Online tools are available on the site to help you provide input including an e-workbook, an ideas forum and contact information to send your ideas.

This is the broadest and most comprehensive consultation ever undertaken by Parks Canada. Every voice is important, we encourage you to take this opportunity and let the Government hear your thoughts.